Upcoming: Men’s Retreat + Mother’s Morning Out

Dear Christ Church, The Men’s Retreat is coming up soon (May 24-26) and registration is open! Josh Coulter, a member of the retreat planning committee who attended last year’s retreat, has a personal appeal for all the men of Christ Church. For those who attend the men’s retreat and have young children, a donor has generously made it […]

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People of the Ampersand

Dear Christ Church,   Cliff and Christine charged us in “The Letter to the Church at 112 Medina” to be a “People of the Ampersand.” A people who can hold the both/and of our faith. God is three and one. Jesus is human and divine. And this week, following the ending of Fr. Cliff’s time as rector of Christ

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Letter to 112 Medina

Dear Christ Church,   The unseen and devoted faithful run the world. This is my final “CliffNotes” to you, a weekly practice I started 15 years ago when Deacon Nancy Lewis (née Scamacca) was our first operations director. She helped us to improve our communications (like creating this enews) and take some other “growing up”

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Come and Celebrate!

Dear Christ Church, “Servant of the Servants of God.” That is the title Gregory the Great gave to pastors. And that is what Cliff and Christine have been to Christ Church these past 18 years. I remember my first meal with the Warners. Lexie and I were eating lunch and hearing about their love for

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Holy Week

Dear Christ Church, This Sunday we enter Holy Week. This is the week where we walk daily with Jesus towards his cross and resurrection. Every year during this week I slow down and imagine myself entering the story. In my imagination, I’m part of the crowd waving palm branches on Sunday with my own hopes about what

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Warner Farewell

Dear Christ Church,   Christine and I love you. As we enter the final stretch of our time in pastoral leadership with you, we are savoring every moment, nostalgic and thankful. This past week, as I led Joyce Chalmers funeral and spent time with her family and some of you, I reflected on all the births

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Faith + Politics

Dear Christ Church,   Has anyone noticed that it’s an election year? If you could see me, you would notice my tongue planted in my cheek. During the high political tensions of the past decade, many excellent books and articles have come out for Christians on how to navigate our times faithfully. I have watched

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