Walking the Paschal Triduum

Dear Christ Church,


Last night Jesus invited us to his table, where we dined with him as his guests and participated in the servant mysteries of Christ. Many participated in the foot washing as a symbol of sacrificial care for one another, each of us weary pilgrims who pick up dirt and sorrow from the road.

Today we walk with Jesus to the cross, where he laid down his life for us, whom he calls “friends.” We not only accompany Jesus to the cross, but also pick up on our own cross and follow him. Tonight we will hear parishioners tell their own cruciform stories, sharing from their lives how they have entered into the fellowship of Jesus’ sufferings, using as their guide one of the final phrases uttered by Jesus from the cross. This is one of the most powerful services, and the most heavily attended, of the entire year. It’s also an excellent opportunity to invite an unchurched friend to see how our human frailty and God’s divine vulnerability are transfigured into glory and power. Join us at 7pm, and come early for parking and seats! This service will also be live streamed (but not available for later viewing) and please note that the content of the evening is “PG-13.”

Tomorrow, the Way of Jesus takes us through Holy Saturday, an oft-neglected day in the Passion. It’s a day empty of services and traditions, mirroring the void and darkness of that seemingly god-forsaken space between cross and resurrection. Check out this brief article for further reflection on Holy Saturday.

This Sunday we walk with the women who visited the tomb of Jesus, only to be astonished upon arrival that death has no sting, and the grave has no victory. Join us Sunday for the Feast of the Resurrection, and bring some flowers from your own yard to place into the flowering cross. As the morning progresses, the once-bare and brutal cross becomes a thing of beauty and delight.




PS Christine and I would love to see you at our Farewell Weekend! Get all the details here!

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