Matthew 25



Matthew 25 Initiative

“In the real world of pain, how could one worship a God who was immune to it?”

— John R.W. Stott


The Matthew 25 Initiative (M25i) of the ACNA companions and contends for Shalom in broken places encountering Jesus. Through The Gathering, Grant Fund, and other resources, M25i supports practitioners (those serving in compassion and mercy ministries) fulfilling the biblical call to love “the least of these.”

The blessed work to companion those who are vulnerable is hard work, often entering spaces of deep suffering and hopelessness. M25i's mission is to equip and sustain Anglicans serving alongside the vulnerable—so that we might strengthen each other along the journey of bearing witness to the Light of Christ. The vision is to see an Anglican expression of justice and mercy in every parish across North America. What would it look like for every parish to have an expression of justice and mercy; for more people to see the unseen in their local context and to befriend them? How might our neighborhoods change?

M25i is captured by the love of Christ and seeks to invite parishioners into the cruciform life of Christ.

M25i companions practitioners in the following ministry areas:

  • Refugee Care and Resettlement
  • Creation Care and Food Insecurity Programs
  • Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice
  • Peacemaking and Reconciliation
  • Addiction Support and Recovery
  • Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  • Trauma Care, Healing, and Mental Health
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Community Development
  • Human Trafficking Rescue and Care
  • Homeless Advocacy and Ministry
  • At-Risk Children and Youth
  • Foster Care and Adoption
  • Single Parents and At-Risk Families
  • Elderly and Dying
  • Sick and Physically Vulnerable
  • Communities with Disabilities
  • Welcoming the Stranger: Immigration Ministries
Seeking Human Kindness - Matthew 25 Initiative
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