At Christ Church we desire that no one stands alone. The options below represent different avenues of seeking the Lord’s transformation and healing.

Small Groups

There is no substitute when it comes to care for being in a supportive and intimate Christ-centered community. Whether in a place of crisis or stability, it is in these regular and rhythmic relationships where you are known and know others in transformative and healing ways.

Living Waters

Many of us have experienced pain and brokenness in the deep places of our life that hinder us from our healthiest expressions of intimacy in our relationships, in our sexuality, and in our purity. Living Waters guides us through a healing journey, marked by prayer, over the course of 20-weeks.

Pre-Marital Preparation

For men and women entering into the covenant of marriage, we want to care for the health of your relationship through offering pre-marital counseling.

Pastoral Appointment

Having a pastoral appointment for a time of confession, prayer, or counsel can often be a good launching place or waypoint on the journey toward healing.

Healing Prayer Ministry

At Christ Church there are men and women ready to stand with you in prayer. Sunday mornings during communion healing prayer ministry is available in the back of the sanctuary, and beyond Sunday mornings there is a group of prayer ministers who will meet with others for a healing prayer session.

Lay Eucharistic Ministry

Receiving the Eucharist is a significant part of our worship. For those who are ill for a period of time or otherwise physically unable to make it to Sunday services, the Lay Eucharistic Ministry serves by administering Eucharist in recipients’ homes or healing facilities.

Counseling Referrals

Counseling, for individuals, couples, and families, can play a significant role in our healing. If you are considering seeing a Christian counselor in Austin, but unsure where to start, let us know and we can suggest a few starting places.

For more information or to get connected to one of these opportunities for care, contact Jodi Wicker.