Come and Celebrate!

Dear Christ Church,

“Servant of the Servants of God.”

That is the title Gregory the Great gave to pastors. And that is what Cliff and Christine have been to Christ Church these past 18 years.

I remember my first meal with the Warners. Lexie and I were eating lunch and hearing about their love for a local congregation, Christ Church, and how it was filled with everyday saints, people from all walks of life who were blessing one another and blessing Austin. I remember my first week serving in Christ Church working under Cliff. I remember Christine’s accident and how Christ Church prayed and rallied as no community I had ever seen before, carrying hope for Christine and Cliff, trusting me, a young pastor. I remember joining the Matthew 25 planning team and learning from Christine that Christ was reaching out to the world in farther ways  than I had yet believed.

The Warners have formed this parish, and us as well. Our hearts are grateful. And, in good Christ Church fashion, we’re going to have a party! Please join us on Saturday April 20th as we gather around food, story, fun and laughter to celebrate our life together these past two decades.

Go to the Warner Farewell page to register for Saturday’s Event, and see all the meaningful ways you can bless the Warners.Tickets to Saturday night’s dinner will be available through April 12th.

I hope you’ll join me in blessing and honoring these “servants of the servants of God.”



PS April 21st will be Cliff’s final service as our rector. We’ll have one service at 10am, extra parking at Terrazas Library and Emmanuel Methodist, and extra seating in the sanctuary and courtyard.

PPS be sure to write a note or send in a favorite picture of the Warners here.

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