People of the Ampersand

Dear Christ Church,


Cliff and Christine charged us in “The Letter to the Church at 112 Medina” to be a “People of the Ampersand.” A people who can hold the both/and of our faith. God is three and one. Jesus is human and divine. And this week, following the ending of Fr. Cliff’s time as rector of Christ Church and my own beginning, we are grieving hopeful.

As your Associate Rector for the past 6 years and so intimately woven into the life of this parish, there have been moments during this leadership transition where I have needed to take off my “pastor’s hat” and just wear the “parishioner’s hat.” In October at Parish Retreat, even knowing what Fr. Cliff was about to share with our parish, Lexie and I listened as parishioners, hearing tender words from our priest about a new direction for his life. This past weekend, we gathered with many of you for dinners and storytelling as we heard the story of God lived out these past 18 years through the life of Christ Church and the Warners. On Sunday, while vested as a priest, I listened as part of the flock and felt a bright sadness and gratitude for the lives of Cliff and Christine.

And I feel hope, an excitement, and a sense that God’s hand is right in the middle of the life of Christ Church. As people of the ampersand, I find myself thinking that we are in the same story while beginning a new chapter. And with this new chapter comes curiosities and wonders about where God will lead us. I wonder what new adventure awaits us as a congregation as we love where we live, the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood and each of our own neighborhoods. I wonder what generous acts of love and service will be told a month from now, a year from now, as we journey together towards our Servant-King. There are names to be shared, stories to be heard, arms to be embraced—there is a city to be mended as we continue to take our place as wounded healers living in God’s new kingdom. I am hopeful, full, and excited for our adventure towards God, together.

This Sunday, we will gather at 112 Medina to hear God’s Word read, preached, and receive assurance that we have been forgiven our sins. We will come to the Table feasting with our King. And we will together be sent back into the world.




P.S.  We have created a shared folder to collect pictures from our Warner farewell weekend! If you took any pictures at any of the weekend events that you would like to share with us you can upload them here!

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