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Dear Christ Church,


Has anyone noticed that it’s an election year? If you could see me, you would notice my tongue planted in my cheek. During the high political tensions of the past decade, many excellent books and articles have come out for Christians on how to navigate our times faithfully. I have watched for those thinkers and writers who are not carrying water for the left or the right, but that transcend the polarities to give a bird’s eye view, a theological view that genuinely seeks the common good. Philosopher and theologian James K. A. Smith is one of those voices.

In his book Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology, Smith “explores how our analysis of political institutions would look different if we viewed them as incubators of love-shaping practices–not merely governing us but forming what we love. How would our political engagement change if we weren’t simply looking for permission to express our “views” in the political sphere but actually hoped to shape the ethos of a nation, a state, or a municipality to foster a way of life that bends toward shalom?”

Christ Church is pleased to co-host, with Hill House and the Civitas Institute, a public lecture by Dr. Smith entitled “Politics and Love of Neighbor: An Augustinian Toolkit for Polarized Times.” Register here, and join us Wednesday, March 20 for this evening of discipling our minds and hearts for such a time as this.




P.S. While I have you, this Monday night (March 11) Christ Church is hosting a special evening of songs and stories, centering lived experiences of mental health, with musicians Matt Maher and Jon and Valerie Guerra. RSVP here!

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