Vocation Formation

Today’s Guest Post is from Bill Walker, Director of Vocation.

Dear Christ Church,

It has been four years since I joined the Christ Church staff as the Director of Vocation. The purpose of the Vocation Initiative at Christ Church was to help every unique image-bearer at Christ Church come to a better understanding of Christian vocation, know their own vocation, and be connected, supported, and commissioned in that vocation: everyone called, everyone commissioned, in every arena. At Christ Church, we define vocation as the way each of us is called, shaped, and gifted to love God, love neighbor, and make disciples in a given season of life and work. This definition grows out of the biblical conviction that all of life is sacred, and God invites each one of us to steward creation and collaborate with him in creative and meaningful ways every day (Gen 1:26-28; Gen 2:15).

Last summer, I began a transition away from my full-time position at Christ Church to become the Director of Hill House Christian Study Center at UT-Austin, but the work of the vocation initiative has continued. Just a few weeks ago, another Fuller Formation Cohort had its fourth and final retreat to wrap up a nine-month discipleship experience. A significant portion of Christ Church members have now participated in unique vocational formation programs like this one, and more will have the opportunity to do so going forward.

One such opportunity is coming up this Sunday night at 5pm! The Young Adult Leadership Team is hosting four business leaders to discuss “Career and the Kingdom of God.” This event is free and open to the public, but you do need to register.

Our four-person panel will include executives, founders of organizations, men, women, and working parents to discuss how they’ve wrestled with faith and career. We’ll tackle questions around issues like:

  • Sabbath and marketplace competition

  • Success and failure

  • Leadership in a Christian way

  • Transitions

We’d also love to address your specific question. You will be prompted to submit your own question for the panel on the registration form.

In addition, The Christ Church Calling Lab course will be offered again this summer for four weeks in July! If you are in a season of vocation discernment or have questions about how to better envision your role in God’s mission in the world, this class is for you.


In faith,



P.S. This Sunday we will bring forward our financial pledges for the year. In case you missed it, you can read this recent letter from the Vestry and Rector, and listen to Fr. Cliff’s sermon here.

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