The Calling Lab

This week’s guest post is by Fr. Bill Walker, Director of Vocation.

Hello Christ Church!

As the Director of Vocation for these past three years at Christ Church, I have had the privilege of getting to lead a number of initiatives and programs that are intended to help everyone at Christ Church better 1) understand vocation from a Christian point of view, 2) know their own vocation, and 3) be supported, connected, and commissioned in that vocation. We have come to talk about vocation as the way that each of us is called, shaped and gifted to love God, love others, and make disciples in a given season of life and work. We believe, furthermore, that everyone is called and commissioned to go into every arena of this world to bear witness to the gospel and worship God in everything we do.

Toward this end, the Calling Lab will be offered once again at Christ Church for four weeks on Sunday evenings at 7:30, beginning April 24. This is an opportunity to dive deep into the biblical and theological roots of vocation, as well as to closely examine the unique way that God has made you and placed you in the world. There will also be a chance to prayerfully listen with others and receive mentoring and encouragement from fellow church members.

Even if you are not currently walking through vocational transition or discernment, the Calling Lab is a great way to clarify your answer to two questions: how do you envision your role in God’s mission at this point in your journey? And, what is your plan for living more fully into this role? You can learn more about the Calling Lab and register here. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.

In faith,

Bill Walker

P.S. This Sunday we will celebrate Passion Sunday with a community reading of the Passion narrative. This is a favorite Christ Church tradition, a reader’s theater through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life.

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