Holy Week

This week’s guest post is by Matt Dampier, Associate Rector.

Dear Christ Church,

We turn to the most momentous week in our church calendar beginning this Sunday as we journey through ‘real time’ with Jesus in the final week of his earthly life. As much as you’re able, slow down this week and live each day with Jesus as we remember his journey to the cross. You can view our Holy Week schedule here.

We begin with Palm Sunday this Sunday, the day when our King rides into his city not on a war horse but a gentle donkey, a beast of burden. The service begins on the basketball courts as we process around the building waving palm branches with ‘Hosannas’ ringing through the neighborhood.

On Maundy Thursday we will join our sister church, Church of the Cross, at 6:30pm for a joint service at their newly purchased property, 8140 Exchange Drive. Maundy comes from the Latin word mandate in John 13:35, “A new mandate I give you, love one another.” We will have the opportunity to wash one another’s feet, to worship for an extended period of time, and to pray with others and be prayed for. While I would encourage all to participate in the foot-washing, please know you can still attend and not participate in this brief portion of the service. The evening will close with communion and the stripping of the altar signifying our Lord’s betrayal. Parents can register for childcare here.

Good Friday meets us as we hear the seven last words of Jesus from the cross retold through our own parishioners’ lives. Good Friday is the day when we sit in disappointment, pains, and hardships—we hold our laments before God while we long for and await resurrection. This service deals with mature themes that may not be appropriate for many children; parents, use your discretion on bringing a child along. The service will begin at 7pm and  parents can register children 5 and under for childcare here.

Then we enter Holy Saturday. There is nothing planned from the church that day but don’t let the day pass you by. Holy Saturday holds place between cross and resurrection and we remember our God went into the grave, the Incarnate Word was interred.

Finally, we arrive at Easter Sunday. This is the long awaited feast day, the culmination of our Lenten fast. Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed in body and spirit, not just a figment of our imaginations or an apparition, but the breathing, sweating, caring enfleshed God-man lives. You will notice the ‘alleluias’ return in our worship as we enter into the joy and festivity of Eastertide. So many seekers are open to come to a church service on Easter morning; be bold and invite someone to come with you to worship.

May the Lord prepare each of us to meet him this Holy Week,


P.S. This Sunday is the Capital City 10k, so be sure to give yourself extra time to arrive.

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