Evangelist in Residence Herb Bailey

Dear Christ Church,

If there’s one word that conjures up fear for many Christians, it’s the word ‘evangelism.’ Our Lord commands us to verbally proclaim the good news of his sacrificial death, his resurrection, and his coming kingdom to all the earth. Yet the thought of how we communicate this leaves many of us wondering how to best talk to our friends and neighbors about this good news.

Enter Herb Bailey. Herb is one of the most gifted evangelists I have ever met. Many of you know Herb as he has preached and visited Christ Church several times. He also is a priest in the ACNA, a Captain in Church Army along with his wife Angel, serves on the Executive Committee for our denomination, and is a key leader in the Matthew 25 Initiative. I’m excited to share that Herb and his wife Angel are moving from Pennsylvania to Austin, Texas this week.

Herb’s primary work will continue with Church Army, an international group that serves the Anglican Church helping it reach the least, the last, and the lost. Herb’s work with Church Army will have him serving as a local missionary in East Austin and traveling across the South leading and coaching Anglican churches.

Now, for the really fun news: Herb will serve Christ Church as our Evangelist in Residence. Though he won’t formally be a staff member, as an Evangelist in Residence, Herb will offer his leadership and expertise to raise the overall level of evangelism in Christ Church. You will see Herb in this role in many ways– from preaching and celebrating at the Table, to coaching leaders on how to cultivate the gift of evangelism, to prayer walks in our neighborhood and conversations on the street, to raising up captains in Church Army.

Let’s welcome the Bailey’s to Austin by “pounding” them on August 21st. This fun and centuries-long tradition is when a church welcomes a new ministry leader to the area by bringing a “pound” of supplies like flour, sugar, or coffee to stock their pantry. What pantry staple would you like to bring to welcome Herb and Angel to Austin, Texas? We will have a table in the courtyard on Sunday, August 21st to place your “pounding” gifts. Please contact Kristiewith questions and read more about pounding here.

I look forward to welcoming Herb and Angel together with you.



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