Welcome to Staff, Kim and Kester!

Dear Christ Church,

Today I get to share about a staff transition and two new staff members! Before that, just a quick reminder. If you haven’t yet registered for Parish Retreat, go ahead and sign up. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year as it’s a relationally rich and spiritually full retreat. Registration will be open until October 23rd.

Laura Smith – Director of Operations

Besides Fr Cliff, Laura is the longest standing member of our staff. She has served in myriad roles at Christ Church over her tenure: assisting with finances, day-to-day operations, and event leadership like the Ceili. During the past year, Laura has emerged as an anchor leader among our staff. Don’t worry, she’s not leaving; she’s being promoted from the Assistant to the Director of Operations to the Director of Operations. We are grateful for your leadership, Laura.

Kim Polk – Executive Director 

After a year-long search, I’m pleased to announce that Kim Polk will be starting as the new Executive Director for Christ Church. Kim is coming from 25 years of experience and leadership in the corporate world and we’re excited for her to join. As Executive Director, Kim will oversee our staff, coordinate with volunteer leaders, manage the property, and essentially help Christ Church run, organizationally.

In addition to the leadership and expertise Kim brings, she is in deep alignment with the vision and values of Christ Church. Kim has worshiped with Christ Church 14 years now. She’s deeply formed by an Anglican Spirituality of Word, Spirit, and Sacrament. She’s led Christ Church already in a number of ways on our vestry, Missions Team, in the Vocation Initiative, and as a chalice bearer in addition to her work with the Matthew 25 Initiative.

Kim will begin her new role the week before Parish Retreat. Welcome, Kim!

Kester Smith – Small Groups Pastor

Lastly, let me introduce you to Kester Smith, our new Small Groups Pastor at Christ Church.

Kester was born in Michigan, raised in Chicago, and later moved to Abilene, Texas, where he received his Masters of Divinity and met his wife, Rachel. He has served in various ministry roles for 25 years, including as a church planter in Austin. The church he planted was essentially a community of small groups that came together on Sundays for worship. Speaking about his experience planting a “church of small groups” he quipped, “I can make small talk in big rooms, but I love big talk in small rooms.”

His wife, Rachel, and son have been on the Canterbury trail for a while; they were confirmed as Anglicans in March of 2021. Expect to see Kester and Rachel around the beginning of November.

Christ Church, you will love meeting Kester and knowing Kim more deeply.



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