Vocation Spotlight: from Leslie in her life and work as a professional counselor

At this point in my life, I partner with God and His mission of Shalom by coming alongside people to offer connection, validation, curiosity, care, and wisdom that they might be empowered to see themselves, others, and God more clearly to experience relational healing.

I’m realizing that to live out my relational and vocational call, I must be receiving attunement myself so that I can be an overflow instead of being drained. How will I do that in each area of life?

  • Professionally: taking 1 week of every month with 5 weeks for either refreshment or training in something that builds overflow
  • Personally/Emotionally/Verbally: Personal therapy every other week. Vulnerable sharing (reciprocity) in my weekly correspondence with close friends. Asking for more of what I need at home (more expression).
  • Spiritually: Engaging in formal healing prayer this year. Cultivating more spiritual language in my current friendships. Sharing weekly where I see the Lord at work.
  • Physically/Nervous System Care: Walking 3-4x a week for 45 minutes. Pilates 2 times a week for deeper body connection. Trying for an every other week massage for regular body care.

Prayer for Healthcare and Wellness Workers:

Father God, we pray for those who work in the healthcare industry. We pray for those who work in hospitals, in private practices, our EMS workers, or chemists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, administrators, mental health workers, and specialists. We pray for them now. 

We ask you, God, to provide them with wisdom as they serve you and their communities with their service. May they always treat patients with respect and dignity, always remembering the call to love our neighbors as ourselves. May you give them discernment and clarity when they are diagnosing and treating their patients. May the love that you have shown these healthcare workers be reflected in them to their patients.

We pray, God, that you would sustain them through the secondary trauma that can come with seeing others suffer and carrying those burdens. We pray that they would feel supported and cared for as they process this grief. Provide them with peace and space to care for themselves in order to maintain a healthy frame of mind to care for others.

Help our healthcare workers be transformative agents in this city. May they bring healing to their patients and reflect the love of Christ to those entrusted to their care. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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