Vocation Spotlight: From Cindy working in Public Health and Education

From Cindy working in Public Health and Education

At this point in my Christian faith journey, I feel called to service: to provide support to the church and in the community through volunteer activities; to serve my family by providing an example of Christ’s love and devotion and to be a friend; in my workplace to teach and mentor other staff who don’t have the experience that I do.

Rule of Life:

Pray and meditate at the beginning and end of my day
Stay mindful of my blessings and start each day with a grateful heart
Physical exercise 3-5 times per week
Pray before and after I speak with those I don’t fully understand and have compassion for them
Provide hospitality by giving of time, presence and talents
Be steadfast in my love for my family by blood or chosen
Serve in the places that God calls me to be whether in a church community or community group

Vocation Prayers
Lord of light, we pray that unity may prevail in our community. You have called us to serve, and in doing so, enabled us to be instruments of Your peace. Help us in the city to come together to resolve the issues that affect us all, especially in education and public health. May we cooperate well in overcoming prejudice and what divides us. In your holy name, Amen.
O Lord our God,
Who has called us to serve you,
In the midst of the world’s affairs,
When we stumble, hold us;
When we fail, lift us up;
When we are hard pressed with evil, deliver us;
When we turn from what is good, turn us back;
And bring us at last to your glory.
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