Vestry & Sabbatical

Dear Christ Church,

This is my last CliffNotes before sabbatical (more on that below), and I am pleased that I get to use this space and moment to announce our new Vestry candidate for 2022: Hannah Wong.

Having been a  member of our parish for 15 years, Hannah Wong deeply embodies the values of Christ Church and loves this community. She has served as a small group leader, a Chalice bearer, in our Faith & Arts ministry, and in various other ministries of the church. Her influence, however, has been just as great in many unofficial capacities. She is a community builder, and one of the most hospitable and welcoming people I know. Many of you will have been greeted by her upon arrival at Christ Church, feasted at her table or been engaged in passionate conversation about the Christian life, healing and the arts.

Hannah first arrived in Austin as a graduate student, completed her Ph.D. in modern art history and has since lectured at the University of Texas, Baylor, and the Blanton Museum of Art. Most recently, she is the founder of Vox Omnibus consulting which uses the arts to catalyze workplace growth and transformation. During the 11 am service on Sunday, March 20th, the parish will have the opportunity to vote on the Vestry’s recommendation of her candidacy for a three-year term.

I’m going to miss you! While my family and I are very grateful and excited about the next several months, I feel a bit sober and nostalgic today as reality sets in. I will miss the deep and joyful camaraderie of our staff team, of being led so beautifully in worship by Wes Crawford, of hearing your voices shout the liturgical proclamations (I love your wholehearted way of doing that!)—and I will miss seeing beloved familiar faces and welcoming strangers and seekers.

I want to leave you with two invitations, as I write this final pre-sabbatical CliffNotes: Practice Peace and Break Bread.

Practice Peace. Read Deep Peace by our Bishop Todd Hunter, our Lent 2022 book choice. As a parish, let’s manifest Jesus’ resurrection blessing upon us, “Peace be with you,” by letting the peace of Christ that passes all understanding grow within us, and by being a people of peace towards others.

Break Bread. This one’s actually an invitation you extend. Here’s the idea: between now and the fall invite three people/households you don’t know to share a meal. Make two of them Christ Church-ers and the other someone who doesn’t know Jesus or have a church home.  Hospitality restores.

Please pray for us, and know that we will hold you up in prayer too, with much love.



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