The Threshold

Dear Christ Church,

“It may be that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.”

These lines from a poem by Wendell Berry have recently spoken to me in this in-between place I inhabit, having discerned an ending, awaiting a new beginning. It is a privileged place, a supple place that allows for the Spirit to mold and mend and surprise. Known paths, unbaffled minds, and unimpeded water–each have their place, their moments–but they are not especially generative. Since my announcement three weeks ago, I am in a season living in-between and asking God to make the most of this unknown journey, this baffled and employed mind, and the song of this stream.

The question I’m asked most often lately is what kind of work I’m going to do next. To be sure, that question is front of mind. But I’m also interested–maybe more–in who God is calling me to be in the next season. For years we’ve been talking about “vocation” as that to which God has called us to be and do in this particular season of life. I’m listening to the Caller, wanting to be near Him–indeed, in Him. I have a sense of anticipation as I ask God to leverage this in-between time to (re)shape me, and do a new thing, which will then flow into the world.

Christ Church, we are likewise in an in-between place as a community. The year ahead is a unique season and opportunity, a privileged place to inhabit, where the Spirit of the living and generative God will be doing a new thing among us. Continuity, yes; our community culture is thick . . . but we also wait on the Lord for something that molds and mends and surprises. Let’s embrace the unknown and watch God go to work in this threshold moment.



Before the next E-News comes out, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Quick: what’s one thing at this very moment that you thank God for, however huge or tiny? Take one minute to express gratitude to God and reflect on what you love about it!

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