Two important notes as we approach the Feast of the Incarnation

Dear Christ Church,


We are days away from the Feast of the Incarnation, a new calendar year, and some big transitions. I want to make sure you are aware of two important notes, and share with you one beautiful thing.

Rector Succession Update. Many thanks to all who are praying for Christ Church’s future leadership. As the Vestry, the Interview Team, and Fr. Matt & Lexie Dampier have been listening to each other and the Lord regarding the possibility of him serving as our next Rector, your intercessions are a holy offering, prayers of the saints that add to our confidence in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Please continue in prayer, and see below for an update.


Special Note: Services on December 24th. This is an unusual year, when our fourth Sunday of Advent and our celebration of the Feast of the Incarnation occur on the same day. I hope you’ll join us for both the Advent IV service (one service only, 10am) and a Christmas Eve service (5:30pm, 8pm). Our staff and families spent last Sunday afternoon “greening” the sanctuary. It’s beautiful, a fitting space to welcome our Friend and Savior, “Immanuel.” Invite your friends who might not have a church home!


Advent Reflection from the Matthew 25 Initiative. I’ve seen many Advent reflections over the years, which sometimes begin to feel repetitive, “same song, different tune.” This one is different . . . today I want to share with you one of my favorites, not only from this year but any year. It captures so much of what Advent is all about and, in fact, what life is all about!


Peace on earth and goodwill (aka “kindness”) to all. See you Sunday!


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