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About the Project

Christ Church is overjoyed to unveil the restoration of a mosaic that holds historic and cultural significance to the East Cesar Chavez neighbohood.

To honor the legacy of 112 Medina St., Christ Church has overseen the restoration of a historically significant mosaic previously owned by Primera Iglesia Bautista de Austin (PIBA). Known as the First Mexican Baptist Church of Austin, PIBA gifted the mosaic to Christ Church in 2015 with the purchase of the property.

The mosaic was originally designed by Rev. Carlos Paredes in 1959 and hung above the exterior doors of the church. It became a visual fixture in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood for several generations. Over the years, the mosaic endured damage and was in need of refurbishment. Christ Church worked with local artist Ryah Christensen who thoughtfully and skillfully oversaw the restoration of the mosaic.

Christ Church seeks to honor the history of PIBA, 112 Medina St., and the local neighborhood through the permanent installation of this restored mosaic.

Historical Context

PIBA was founded in 1899 by Rev. Santiago Muza. Their first building was at the corner of W. 2nd Street and Nueces Street. The church organized a Mexican Baptist School where at one point a quarter of the Mexican-American school children in the city were enrolled. The church and school became an important hub for the community. The mosaic work above the front door, integrating several Christian symbols, was designed by Reverend Carlos Paredes, a pastor of Primera Iglesia Bautista for over 27 years.

PIBA sold the property to Christ Church in 2015 as part of PIBA's vision to relocate closer to their parishioners, and was pleased to see the 112 Medina property continue to be inhabited by a church. Christ Church is called to the heart of Austin to love, learn, and serve in the city center, seeking to honor and preserve the ministry-based history of 112 Medina St.

Christ Church recognizes those who came before, similarly committed to demonstrating the love of God in the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood, and is honored to come alongside others in the work of "good neighboring."

The 112 Medina St. property is a stop on the Tejano Trail. This mosaic installation will be directly across from the Tejano Trail marker on the north side of the building.

You can learn more about Primera Inglesia Bautista de Austin by visiting pibaustin.com/about.

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Backyard Party

Sunday, April 16th | 5pm

112 Medina Street

Christ Church warmly invites neighbors in the area to join us for this Eastertide celebration of resurrection and restoration as we commemorate the permanent installation of this restored mosaic. It is our sincerest hope it will honor the history of PIBA, preserve the heritage of our rapidly changing neighborhood, and become a visual fixture in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood for generations to come.

Please join us Sunday, April 16th for the unveiling ceremony and celebratory backyard party to follow.

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