Men’s Retreat & PIBA Mosaic

Dear Christ Church,

Almost everywhere I turn I hear men talk about a hunger for connection and friendship. I also read article after article about how the combination of technology, the pandemic, the pace of life, and the well-documented uptick in mental health concerns are all leading to greater social isolation. I want to invite the men of Christ Church to gather in May for our Men’s Retreat: Life Together, May 26-28. Come enjoy a weekend away at LoneHollow Ranch. Connect with other men, relax and have fun, and enjoy times of sharing and prayer. You can learn more about that and register here.

Last Sunday we gathered on the northeast corner of our church property for the unveiling of the restored PIBA mosaic, one event that witnessed the convergence of many streams: the past and the future, faith and art, the Latino story of the neighborhood’s history and the diverse stories of the present, the gospel and our city–all this came together as we celebrated both the heritage of the neighborhood, and the legacy of a gospel community that occupied 112 Medina St. for 60 years before us. As the symbols of the mosaic speak about our missional call, may we be salt and light in this neighborhood for generations to come.



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