Making History

Dear Christ Church,

You get to make a few square inches of history this Sunday . . . literally.

How? By lending a hand, during Sunday’s Ceili (you can’t miss this!), to restore the large mosaic that adorned our building before the renovation. Head to the workstation in our backyard this Sunday during the party and make a few small mosaic tiles to replace tiles that were irreparably damaged over the years. Did you know the previous occupant–and builder–of our property was the first Spanish-speaking Protestant congregation in Austin, founded in 1898? In the 1950’s the Primera Iglesia Bautista de Austin (PIBA) purchased the land at 112 Medina St. and built the church that now houses our worship, community, and mission.

High upon the exterior wall on Medina Street was a mosaic designed by someone from the congregation during that time. With gospel symbolism, it became a familiar image in the neighborhood for several generations of residents. When we moved into the neighborhood, it was with a view to love our neighbors and celebrate the cultural heritage of the communityas we now become part of its story. It was also with recognition that on that piece of land at 112 Medina, we stand on the shoulders of many faithful generations of fellow saints of God.

This one project is an icon of so many of our deeply held values: the love of our city, art, beauty, our intentional search for a central property, our desire to do what we can to preserve the heritage of this rapidly changing neighborhood, and that our renovation, use, and care of the property would be a blessing to the neighborhood. Our church, because of its history, is a stop on the Tejano Trail. The placement of this mosaic will be directly across from Tejano Trail signage, on the north side of the building.

Click here to read some amazing reports by people who prayer-walked this property before we purchased it, and to learn a little more about the beautiful intentionality put into the mosaic project.

See you Sunday at the Ceili!


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