Living Waters

Today’s CliffNotes is written by Care Pastor Claire Ratliff and parishioner Katherine Ryan.

Dear Christ Church,


This spring we will begin the 13th year offering Living Waters, a relational healing ministry. Through weekly worship, teaching, and confidential small group prayer over the course of a semester, Living Waters explores the roots of sexual and relational struggles and how men and women, made in the image of God, are good gifts to God and to one another. We have found this course to be healing and connecting for those involved, as they are invited to receive God’s compassionate care in a safe relational context. I encourage you to take a moment and read an account below of Christ Churcher, Katherine Ryan’s own experience of Living Waters this past spring. I invite you to prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you into a season of courageous listening and opening yourself up to receive God’s healing in your own areas of relational brokenness.

From Katherine:

When I began Living Waters, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was hesitant to enroll in the course. However, I was sure that God was inviting me into a season of healing and due to the encouragement of a friend, I decided to sign up.   

During the 18-week class, I felt the Holy Spirit slowly soften my heart toward Him and toward others. I began to sense a change in how I experience God – encountering Him as one who loves rather than condemns. Through worship, large group teaching, and small group prayer I learned that God sees us first and foremost with kindness and tenderness. I learned He desires wholeness for us. In the safety of my small group, I was able to invite God into places of relational hurt, lower my defenses, and open myself up to His gentle healing. 

Living Waters was a safe place to freely and honestly admit my own relational wounds as well as my weaknesses. It was a concentrated season of receiving Christ’s love and grace in my brokenness, rather than continuing to perform or pretend – I didn’t know how much I needed that. I am thankful for a worshipful and contemplative space in which to meet Christ alongside other Christ Church friends and continue to respond to His invitation to wholeness. 


Living Waters will be held on Monday evenings beginning January 15 through May 20, 6:45pm-9:00pm. We invite you into the opportunity for your own brokenness to become a source of healing. You can learn more and begin your registration process here. Please contact Amy McLaughlin with any questions.




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