Hodgepodge Friday

Dear Christ Church,


We are only 2-ish months away (April 21) from the handoff from me to Fr. Matt as Rector of Christ Church. Beginning this weekend, Fr. Matt has been given a month away from responsibilities in order to spend time with his family, take stock of this new calling to leadership, go on a retreat with me to discuss handoff matters, and clear his head and heart before returning in mid-March. Please be in prayer for the Dampiers, that the month would provide all that they need in this significant transitional moment.

The Great Litany is this Sunday, an ancient prayer service with history going back to the early years of the church. During a plague the church in Rome literally prayed and walked around the city asking for God’s deliverance. That tradition developed in later years to a prayer walk through the local village. Today we follow an adapted version of this. The cross will process around the sanctuary as a cantor leads us to pray our confessions and requests for God’s blessing over every area of life.

The Great Litany is a powerful declaration, as we enter Lent, that only through Christ and his Passion will we find healing and will this world be restored. One practical tip: you’ll want to be seated a few minutes before the service. Once the service begins and the procession starts it can be a little cumbersome moving to a seat.

Being like and being with Jesus. Join Christine Warner for her Spiritual Theology Class, a deep and wide journey into the lifelong process of growing into the likeness of Jesus. Read more about it and/or register here! Also coming soon is an opportunity to be with Jesus at our Parish Quiet Day, a morning of guided reflection and silence to carve out sacred space and time during Lent.

Lastly, Wes Crawford has just released a new album, called Hymns for this World and the Next. It’s a wonderful album with old hymn texts, for which Wes has written new music. It’s so good, and available for streaming or purchase here.





P.S. The Austin Marathon is this Sunday, February 18th. Please visit this map to plan your route into church for Sunday services.

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