Hodgepodge Friday

Dear Christ Church,

Everyday, within us and around us, we hear echoes. Those echoes are things like our yearning for relational connection, beauty, wrongs to be made right, and a sense of transcendent wonder and awe. These are echoes of a Voice; they indicate a source. The Christian story makes sense of these echoes, revealing God as the source and Creator, in whom “we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). As N. T. Wright put it, “The Christian story claims to be the true story about God and the world.” This Sunday we continue our series “Simply Christian,” by turning from the echoes to the Voice, to God who reveals himself and can be known.

Fr. Brian Wallace, Suffragan Bishop-elect. Two months ago our diocese elected Fr. Brian to be a Suffragan (aka Assisting) Bishop in our diocese, which then went to our College of Bishops for their vote last week, where they also affirmed his call to serve in this new capacity. Thank you for your prayers for Brian and Lisa as they’ve walked through this process! Having witnessed Fr. Brian’s faithful gospel ministry for many years, in our congregation and beyond, it is a joy and comfort to know that the clergy and parishes of our diocese will receive such godly care.

Lastly, in the coming weeks we look forward to sharing with you some reports from our Guatemala mission team, and from the Wild Wonder Camp that ends today. Both are so encouraging!



P.S. Note to Parents: there will be no Kids Quest in either service this Sunday, or for the next few weeks, as our teams take a break and gear up for the fall kickoff.

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