Engaging Lent Together

Dear Christ Church,

I slipped alone into a midnight service and looked back as the cross, lifted high, came down the aisle toward me, trailed by a choir. I lost it, in the very best way. Not long after that I found myself attending Ash Wednesday and Holy Week services in a liturgical-sacramental church, unable to articulate exactly why. The movement of that cross in space and the marking of time in Lent, these were just some of the things that helped account for the suffering and trials of life. The observance of Lent and Lenten worship voiced a theology of suffering, deepened my longings for God’s mercies, and birthed new joy in the victory of Jesus.

I invite you into the observance of a Holy Lent. In addition to our Lenten services (join us for Ash Wednesday at noon and 7pm!), I want to point you toward some other ways we can engage Lent together.

  1. Backyard Pilgrim. Each Lent we choose a book to read together as a parish. If I were to write a book to conclude our Season of Shalom, it would pretty much be this! It’s a slim volume packed thick with wisdom, and daily practice to get the truths down into our bones. Pick yours up this Sunday!

  2. Parish Quiet Day. Join a group of Christ Church-ers at Shield Ranch for a spring day of practicing attentiveness to God’s presence, creation, and beauty. Slow down for a day, consider the lilies of the field, discover hope in loss, go for a guided hike, and enjoy a locally sourced lunch. March 25. Space is limited. Registration is coming soon.

  3. Noonday Eucharist. Join us Wednesdays through Lent for a quiet meditation on the stations of the cross (12pm-12:30) and/or Holy Eucharist (12:30-1pm).

  4. Becoming Who We Are. We have designated Advent/Epiphany/Lent as a “Season of Shalom,” with attention to creation, community, and communion. Our final sermon series in this season, Becoming Who We Are, will take a look at six different ways scripture calls into a life a remembrance. Our collective memory teaches us our identity.

  5. Lenten Resource Page. To help you access these Lenten opportunities and more, we’ve created this page where you can find everything in one place!


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