Intentional Worship

We express our dependence on and devotion to God together through weekly worship that is historic and contemporary, passionate and reverent. We are sacramental in that we approach all of our ordinary and everyday life as sacred, holy unto the Lord, just as the ordinary elements of bread and wine at the Lord’s Table bring us into His real presence.


By God’s grace we are becoming a community of real people in real relationship, learning to love one another, celebrate together and bless our world through hospitality, witness and service. We value the diversity of backgrounds, gifts, cultures, and generations in the family of God.

Changed Lives

By God’s grace we are being transformed into the image of Christ. We trust the power of the gospel and the Holy Spirit to change lives, bring healing to wounded hearts, and reconcile relationships. We accept the cost of discipleship and are committed to growing in Christ-likeness and making disciples of others.

Changed World

By God’s gracious invitation we join Him in His mission to the world. We boldly share the gospel, act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Our work is local and global, from serving the city of Austin to having gospel impact around the world. This is a matter of advancing the gospel by speaking the good news of Jesus Christ, doing good works in His name, and making culture.


Jesus gave everything for us, demonstrating God’s extravagant grace. We respond with sacrificial generosity by giving of our gifts, abilities, time, and money to God, His people, and His work. We open our arms, our hearts, and our homes in generous and sacrificial hospitality.


By God’s grace we have been welcomed into the presence and kingdom of God. We likewise seek out newcomers, the lost or lonely, and those on the edges of our community to warmly welcome them into our homes, lives, and church community.

The City

Cities were at the heart of the early church’s mission and ours. Christ Church is called to the heart of Austin to love, learn, and serve in the city, and to proclaim the love of God in Christ. We encourage members to live in the city and to get involved locally. We want to understand and influence our urban context, which includes the arts, entrepreneurship and business, cultural diversity, higher education, government, and the poor and suffering.