Announcing: Spiritual Theology Seminar with Christine Warner

Dear Christ Church,

I am very excited to announce that one of the most loved and most formational classes we’ve offered at Christ Church is back: Spiritual Theology, taught by Christine Warner. Get the details and sign up here! The last time this was offered was the spring of 2020, when it got canceled halfway through because . . . you guessed it, Covid. This spring is the last time she will teach this class at Christ Church, a blend of theology and spirituality, hope and lament, beauty and a vision for how to enter the story of God and our world as disciples of Jesus. Eugene Peterson explains what we mean by the phrase “spiritual theology.”

“A great deal of theology has to do with doctrine, with getting it right. Spiritual theology aims to bring that together within a lived life. The conviction behind spiritual theology is that the Bible—and all of Christian belief—is livable. It’s not just something to be held in your head or performed through your actions and ethics, but actually embodied. The model for spiritual theology is the incarnation, and spiritual theology is understood in the context of the Trinity, where everything is relational. There is no disembodied Christian truth. There’s no abstraction about the Christian life. It is all intended to be lived in a coherent way.”

On a related note, jumpstart your spring learning curve with a special workshop on Anglican Spirituality and the Book of Common Prayer on Sunday, Feb. 4th after church. You can register here. Come join us for an introduction to the prayer book that has shaped millions of lives, guiding us in both individual devotion and gathered worship.



P.S. Small groups kicked off this week after the holidays! These are the heartbeat of our community life. Right here you can explore days of the week and locations that suit you best.

P.S.S. Our Bishop, +Todd Hunter, is devoting 2024 to writing about faithfulness in times of political turmoil and tension. Check out this recent post, and consider subscribing to his Substack in order to receive more to come.

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