On Being Anglican

by Fr. Cliff Warner

Here are my top five reasons, in no particular order for being Anglican:

  1. Because I am part of deep and wide community. Anglicanism is global and historic; it stretches across both space and time.
  2. Because Anglicanism has a robust track record of theological reflection, thinking the faith and engaging contemporary issues (William Wilberforce, C. S. Lewis, J. I. Packer, John Stott, N. T. Wright).
  3. Because Anglicanism appreciates the role of beauty in worship and formation, paying close attention to the use of words, space and music.
  4. Because Anglicanism observes a rhythm of life and worship, from framing our days with Morning and Evening Prayer, to the church calendar.
  5. Because the liturgical format of worship is Christ-centered, scripture-saturated and shaped to bring me face to face with my desperate need and God’s glorious mercy, then brings me and all the saints to the Lord’s Table.

Four reasons to be confirmed:

  1. To get connected. Join the global and historic body of Christ, through the Anglican Communion, and be identify with the larger company of saints. The Anglican Communion is a rich global mosaic, comprised of many tribes, tongues and nations, a church exploding with new life in many areas of the world.
  2. To be blessed. Receive the laying on of hands from our Bishop and a prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life. Since the early church, leaders were commissioned for ministry by the laying on of hands, one generation to the next, all the way down to our Bishop, and then to you.
  3. To confirm baptismal vows. If you were baptized as an infant, this is an opportunity to present yourself publically and voluntarily, as a follower of Christ in the company of his people, or renew your vows if you were baptized as a believer.
  4. To invite unchurched friends. Ask them to come witness this special day in your life.