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Meets twice a month during 11am service

In the shift between childhood and growing up, there’s Middle School. Worship. Games. Lessons. Overloaded amounts of sugar. Join a warm community of middle schoolers seeking Christ together. To get connected or to find out about all the events this semester, join our Middle School group (for students and parents).


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Meets Wednesdays at 7pm

EIKON is where High School students can begin or continue their journey into faith, build relationships with incredible leaders, and find godly friendships. To get connected or to find out about all the events this semester, join our EIKON group (for students and parents).


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Christ Church College meets 1 to 2 times each month. Worship nights around fire. Touring Austin. Nights of prayer together. It’s a way to retreat from the hectic life of campus and gather with other college students.


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The fall semester dates:

Sept 30th
Oct 12/13 (Lock-In!)
Oct 28
Nov 11
Nov 25
Dec 9
Dec 23

Catechesis literally means “echoing through the ages.” It’s the Church’s way of passing on the true Christian faith from generation to generation. The faith Jesus passed on to the disciples is still echoing down through the ages today! For Sophomores-Seniors, it’s a way to grow deeper in their faith. There’s personal reflection, spiritual practices, and learning the core teachings of the Faith.

Matt Dampier will lead this year’s catechism group. The group will gather roughly every other Sunday from 12:30-1:45pm in the Parish Hall. With pizza!

Students who participate will be eligible for the sacramental rite of confirmation in the Spring.