Midday Prayer

With Father Cliff

Tuesdays at 12:30pm

You’re invited! 
Join Father Cliff every Tuesday for a 30 minute devotional based on Midday Prayer with readings and reflections from Scripture! Push pause in the middle of your week, and middle of your day, to reorient yourself in God’s presence.

Reflections on Leviticus
Each week he will be working through the oft-neglected but theologically rich book of Leviticus.

How do I participate?
We will follow the form of Midday Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer which will be provided for you via screen share.  If you have an ACNA 2019 Prayer Book and would like follow along, we invite you to.

Join us for Midday Prayer!

Click the blue button to join the video conference call each Tuesday at 12:30pm.


If you are visiting with us today, we would love to know about your visit! Everyone, if you have prayer requests, please submit them here. The staff prays each week for each prayer request.