March 2019

Dear Beloved Christ Church Family,

Patrick and I first heard the Lord speak to us about a possible transition in our lives last year, and as the fall commenced, God continued to lead us in unity and anticipation of a new season in ministry together.  We began praying about what this might mean for our family as we gathered a discernment team together.  During this process, we celebrated 10 years of marriage and 10 years serving on the pastoral staff at Christ Church. As we reflected on this past decade of life together with all of you, we were grateful and content in God’s good provision for our lives. We were not expecting that God would lead us to sell our house and step down from the Christ Church staff.

I remember Cliff’s sermon on Epiphany Sunday, where he asked us to consider what the Lord might be calling us to offer up to God in the New Year.  He focused on the Magi and the great risk they took to disobey Herod out of obedience to this call to worship the true Messiah.  “Risk and obedience” was what I heard the Lord saying to me that morning. This year he would be calling us to take risks, and to walk in the unknowns that followed with faith, expectation, and hope.

While we feel some excitement as we are on a bit of an adventure right now, there have been mixed emotions along the way. Partnering with our staff, Vestry and lay leadership has been an incredible joy, and I am beginning the good process of grieving as I leave a shepherding role that I love. I’m going to miss having a front-row seat witnessing the miracles of healing and transformation, the beautiful ways you submit to God in the midst of suffering; and all the ways God is wooing people to Himself.  I’ve had the wonderful privilege of seeing first-hand how God has provided the right person for leadership at the right time over and over again, so it is with a full heart of joy and anticipation that I wait to see who God will bring to shepherd our small groups ministry.

You are and have been my spiritual family, my friends, my mentors, and my teachers these past years.  I have learned so much from you through your generous grace-giving and faithful submission to God.

With my deepest affection,