An Invitation to Vocational Formation (Fall 2022 – Spring 2023)

Christ Church wants to invest in vocational and spiritual formation. Would you consider committing to a season of focused discernment and practice in this area by joining a formation cohort?

What’s a “Formation Cohort”?

You’ll be part of a nine-month cohort with about twenty other Christ Church members as we engage content curated by Fuller Seminary. The program begins in the fall and concludes in the spring. More important than the content, though, is this unique context! As a cohort, we’ll journey together as we humbly seek God. We want you to find the experience primarily relational and transformational.

There are three levels of interaction:

Weekly. You’ll engage with the Scripture, short videos, readings, and formation exercises. You do this on your own schedule; you only need to set aside 45 minutes a week.

Bi-monthly. You’ll meet with a group. This group will meet in person or online for one hour, twice per month, to process and reflect on what you’re learning and experiencing.

Quarterly Retreats. Four times across the year you’ll gather with the whole cohort for about 24-hours of guided spiritual formation, filled with Scripture and space to listen. We have found it essential for us to pull away for a time so we can process with God and one another and set aside time to practice and establish new disciplines.

What is the cost?

Your cost to participate has been supplemented. Your part is $175 for the whole program, including the Fuller platform and retreat expenses. Once we place you in the cohort, we’ll give you instructions for how to get that to us. If you’d like to participate, but cannot afford the total, we’ll find a way to cover as much more as you need so you are able to participate.

Why commit to a Formation Cohort?

For Your Growth. God of course loves to meet us in the daily and weekly rhythms of our lives. And Christ Church wants you to be established in on-going discipleship through weekly worship and fellowship. On top of that foundation, God often seems to move when we set aside a special season to focus on knowing him more deeply. We’re excited to offer this extended time of focused spiritual growth and discernment with others.

For Your Vocation. We believe that God calls all of us into partnership with him in his Kingdom work. This cohort offers you a space to delve more deeply into how God has made you and to discern more clearly your context and the kind of work God is calling you to in this season of your life.

For the Sake of Others. Spiritual formation grows twisted when its orientation is wholly toward our self and our own good end. We take seriously that a healthy fruit of this season of your formation will be your being equipped to bless Christ’s church and participate in God’s mission in the world. As you finish the cohort, we’ll actively try to match you with great places to serve in and with Christ Church.

Should I start now?

Our plan at Christ Church is to launch a formation cohort once a year, at the beginning of the fall, until the majority of adults have had the opportunity to be discipled in this format. So, as you consider which cohort to join, here are a couple of questions to weigh:

Is this a good year to set aside to sprint forward in your discipleship? Naturally, there will be no “perfect year”. But, you may not get as much out of the experience if the year ahead for you is one of heavy travel, disruption, or responsibility.

Can you set aside these specific days for our retreats? Each retreat is required, and we expect that when you commit to the cohort you and your family are agreeing to make you available for these days. The retreats will take place at a remote location that is still very close to Austin — no more than 45 minutes from the center of town. Friday nights will meet on zoom and Saturdays will be in person.

  • Fri. Sept 9,  6:30-9p & Sat. Sept 10, 9a-2:30p
  • Fri. Dec 2,  6:30-9p &  Sat. Dec 3, 9a-2:30p
  • Fri. Feb 3,  6:30-9p &  Sat. Feb 4, 9a-2:30p
  • Fri. March 31,  6:30-9p & Sat. April 1, 9a-2:30p ~OR~
  • Fri. April 7,  6:30-9p & Sat. April 8, 9a-2:30p

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

Register here and please fill out this questionnaire. We’ll use your answers to help us form great mentor groups and to help us sequence everyone into a cohort. Christ Church has a rich diversity of people across age, gender, and background, and we’d love for that to be reflected in each cohort.  Also, we invite more than twenty people to consider applying to each cohort, knowing that it won’t be the right time for everyone. If some have to wait until the next cohort, we will proceed in the order that questionnaires are received. Please send your questions to