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September 1, 2020

Message from the Rector

We are living a story right now, one that will be told for a long time to come, a chapter in God’s Great Story of making all things new. We are in this together, and even though we are temporarily separated by physical distance we are united as the body of Christ. Just as with every previous generation of the church, our vocation is to love God and our neighbor, in whatever historical conditions we find ourselves … Read More

This unprecedented disruption does not simply “push pause” on our worship, formation, mission, and community. These unprecedented conditions provide the very soil from which our adaptive worship, formation, mission, and community grow in 2020.  Our approach to the Coronavirus is an opportunity to love our neighbor in the way we respond:

We are people of peace – Let’s engage our city as a non-anxious presence, love courageously in the midst of fear, pray for our city, the nation, and the world. Let’s hear the words our Lord spoke to the stormy seas, “Peace, be still,” mirroring the power of God’s words that created those very seas.  

We are people of prayerIn prayer we intercede for others and stand in the gaps. Brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world and throughout history have stood, non-anxiously and in prayer, with fidelity in the face of difficulty and suffering. God’s people shine in these moments as a light on a hill; let’s take our place.

We are people of presenceWe cannot foresee the future; to try would be idle speculation and vain imagination. We take planning seriously, and advice from credible experts, but we stay in the moment, present to the people around us and our Father who is not the least bit shaken.

We are a people of generosityWe want to love our neighbor, and serve the common good of our city. In this particular moment, we lovingly protect the vulnerable in our city when we practice proper hygiene and, as an act of love, impose upon ourselves restrictions or inconveniences, such as social distancing. Let’s practice radical servanthood and generosity in the midst of uncertainty.  

Sunday Plans

Christ Church is developing creative ways to connect in community and worship together.  Each Sunday we will live stream the service at 10 am.

We believe worshipping the Triune God together is essential. We encourage you to prepare a thoughtful, sacred space where you are and participate fully in the service.

Area #1

You live: East of I35, South of 290, North of Hwy. 71/Ben White

Meet at: Christ Church Courtyard

Area #2

You live: West of I35, East of MoPac, South of 2222, North of Hwy. 71/Ben White

Meet at: Zilker Metropolitan Park, 2100 Barton Springs Rd.

Area #3

You live: South of 183, West of I35 & MoPac, North of 222 & Bee Caves Road

Meet at: Bull Creek Park, 6701 Lakewood Dr. (under the massive oak tree)

Area #4

You live: South of Bee Caves Road, West of MoPac

Meet at: Dick Nichols Park, 8011 Beckett Rd.

Area #5

You live: East of MoPac, South of Hwy. 71/Ben White

Meet at: Dove Springs Recreation Center, 5801 Ainez Dr.

Area #6

You live: North of 183

Meet at: Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park – 12138 North Lamar Blvd.

Community Needs

If there’s something you need help with, you’re not alone! We are a people reliant on God’s provision.

Ways to serve each other

Tell us about your need and we will try to connect you with someone from our community.  If you are able to give of your time, energy or skills, let us know.

Community Life

It is critical that we get and stay connected, in community and prayer. Let us know if you want to get connected in small online communities or how we can be praying for you.

Loving Your Neighbors

In the midst of our global pandemic, never has the call to love our neighbors, neighborhoods, and city been more important. We invite you to invest in the your neighborhood, our neighborhood in the Downtown Eastside. The opportunities below will bring the message of Christ to our community, in word and action.

The Art of Neighboring

taken from the book, The Art of Neighboring, and used by our own parish in small groups and sermon series 5+ years ago can and will be a tremendous resource as we seek to care for those around us in our communities. Let’s make Jesus known together!

“When Jesus was asked to sum up everything into one command, he said to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Most of us have turned this simple idea of loving our neighbors into a nice saying, putting it on bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets and then going on with our lives.”

Technology for Zavala Elementary Students

Our desire is to continue our relationship with Zavala elementary school, where our Neighborhood Engagement Team ministers by mentoring kids, by addressing their desired need for technology to help marginalized kids learn at home. Our goal is to provide 15 tablets or laptops to 15 families at Zavala through 15 small group donations to aid in home-learning.

Check back soon for details about how you can get involved!

Other Ways to Serve

If you are looking for other ways to serve the community at large in East Austin, then consider the options that are given in EastsideATX in their recent article. These incredibly tangible ways to partner with organizations can have a lasting impact on our city.

Read the article HERE!


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