Frequently Asked Questions

East Austin Church Visit – August 5, 2018

Why did you assign people to go to specific churches, instead of letting everyone choose from a list?

This was an attempt to prevent Christ Church from overwhelming smaller congregations with too many visitors. If you have a strong preference for attending a church other than the one to which you were assigned, feel free to do so.

Why these churches and not others?

Simply put, we started with existing networks. Our pastoral staff already had relationships with some of these pastors, and others are churches with whom we would like to develop relationships.

Will there be childcare or Sunday School at the church I’m attending?

WesleyMethodist Church | No children’s programming on Aug. 5th

Salina St. Church | Nursery/Elementary/Youth programming available

Church of the Violet Crown |Nursery/Elementary programming available

Emmanuel United Methodist Church | Nursery/Elementary/Middle School programming available

David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church  | No information available on children’s programming

Where should I go once I arrive?

Each church will be different so we recommend that you arrive a bit early to navigate parking and childcare (just like people have to do when they visit Christ Church).

Should I take communion if it is offered?

Yes! Listen carefully to who they invite to the table, and if you’re included in that group, go for it!  If you have reservations, ask the Spirit for wisdom and follow his prompting.

Will we be back at the TexFed the following Sunday, August 12th?

Yes we will!  Usual service location and times will resume on August 12th, but don’t get too cozy, because August 26th we’ll have our first service at 112 Medina!