Christ Church is a church of the Anglican tradition and a parish in the Anglican Church in North America

Anglicanism is an expression of Christianity born in the English Reformation and rooted in the ancient faith and practice of the historic church. Anglicanism upholds Scripture as the primary source of authority in matters of faith and practice. The essence of the Anglican expression of faith lies in the Prayer Books of the 16th and 17th centuries. Driven by a missionary focus, Anglicanism has been about the work of making disciples for over 500 years and has expanded into a global church.

A rich worship experience is a key component of the Anglican heritage with an interactive liturgy and emphasis on the sacraments instituted by Jesus. While reflecting the historic traditions of the early church, we intentionally embrace a mosaic of relevant current expressions of worship in order to connect with people’s hearts and minds, leading them toward a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Anglicanism celebrates unity in the essential elements of Christian faith, worship, life, and ministry. Like trees planted at the water’s edge, our Anglican roots are nourished by three streams: the Scripture, the Sacred, and the Spirit. We hold that Scripture guides our lives and is authoritative for us individually and for the Church at large. We believe the Sacred is embodied in the practices and teachings Christians have held throughout the centuries as expressed in the historic Creeds and 39 Articles of Religion. Our faith has many forms of worship, including the sacraments instituted by Jesus. We trust God’s Spirit is at work in the Church and the world, manifesting His power and preparing us for ministry.

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  • Christ Church’s diocese is C4SO (Churches for the Sake of Others).