Lent 2017

Lent is a quieter season marked by fasting and self-examination, and other disciplines that are often solitary. Historically, however, it has also been a season of corporate preparation to create space for Christ—the whole community supporting and prodding each other in deeper discipleship.

You’re invited to join with us in opportunities to engage Lent together this year:

Read Strong and Weak With Us:

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be reading Andy Crouch’s book about what he calls ‘the paradox of flourishing,’ and anyone who wants to can jump in. We’re excited about how this message will form us as a people to increasingly become more like Jesus.

Questions for discussion or personal reflection:

1. Andy Crouch suggests there are two questions in every human heart: ‘What is my purpose?’ and ‘Why am I so far from fulfilling that purpose?’ In what areas of your life are you asking one or both of these questions (family, ministry, work, play, finances, goals)?

2. What gap might God be highlighting to you between where you are now and the flourishing He wants for you? Take time to write, draw, or talk to someone about what you think true flourishing would look like for you.

3. Considering the area(s) you identified in Question 1, look at Figure 1.1 on page 13 of the book. Where do you think you land on the chart? Are you more comfortable with authority or vulnerability?

1. Crouch gives an example of true flourishing, his niece Angela, and her family and caregivers. In what ways does Angela’s story challenge your understanding of flourishing?

2. Authority, Crouch says, is capacity for meaningful action in the context of a story that matters. What story matters to you today? What meaningful action would you like to take to affect that story, if any?

3. When is a time you took a significant risk? What motivated you to leave the safe zone?

4. Consider the description of Jesus as the ultimate example of human flourishing (pg. 45-46). Given the risk of devastating loss, what might have motivated Jesus to act the way he did?

1. As you read about the types of modern-day withdrawing Crouch mentions – success, video games, social media activism – did anything in your own life come to mind? Where have you chosen safety over flourishing?

2. What is a concrete risk you’d like to take for the sake of others? Name your fears about that action. Take time to ask God for His wisdom, and release your fear to Him.

3. Crouch says the best warning sign that we are drifting into Exploiting through idolatry is that our close relationships start to suffer (p107). Has this been true in your experience?

4. Which of the three quadrants (Suffering, Withdrawing, Exploiting) do you find yourself in most often and why?

Join in Morning Prayer each Wednesday:

Beginning March 8, we’ll host Morning Prayer at 7:30am on Wednesdays during Lent. I hope to see you, whether you can come to one or all, at 112 Medina Street to meet with God together as we start our days. Check out the calendar for more details.

Join us for Holy Week services:

Christ Church and Church of the Cross will hold join Holy Week services at 112 Medina (78702).

Palm Sunday: April 9th

Maundy Thursday: April 13th

Good Friday: April 14th

Easter Sunday: April 16th