Priests and Peace

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

You are a priest of the world. As many of you know, and have celebrated with me (thank you!), I recently completed a Doctor of Ministry program, researching and writing on a biblical theology of priesthood, both the ordained priesthood and the royal priesthood. I was deeply enriched and inspired by my study of the priesthood of all believers, and wrote this short piece for Christianity Today to share a few insights and books with those who might want to learn more themselves. I am also planning to do a sermon series on the topic in the New Year.

If we had to choose one word as a synonym for priest it would be “mediator.” Priests stand at the intersection of heaven and earth, God and people, as mediators representing one to the other. Christ Church, you and I are priests of the world who represent God to the world, and the world to God. Where there is distance between parties, priests help bridge the gap. Where there is hostility between parties, priests are peacemakers. Priests lift up the concerns of the world in intercession. Priests express the concerns of God by delivering his message and blessing.

As the priests of the world the church is called to be a people of peace, those who both experience it and make it. This is the subject of our bishop’s latest book, Deep Peace: Finding Calm in a World of Conflict and Anxiety. I commend this book to us all during these troubled times. One of the primary roles of the historic office of bishops is to be teachers of the church. Bishop Todd Hunter fulfills this calling with depth and wisdom. He’s also starting a new initiative called The Center for Formation, Justice, and Peace that I hope you’ll follow as they roll out resources in the months and years to come.



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