Leadership is Stewardship

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

What do we do with the agency and resources God has given us? This is both a leadership and a stewardship question.

I want to celebrate with you the kingdom-focused stewardship of our property, but while I have you, this is a good moment to highlight a key open position on our staff: Executive Director of Operations. This person will play a vital role in the implementation of our vision, including the faithful use of our resources for the kingdom of God. If anyone you know (or you yourself) might be a good candidate for this position, please send them here to learn more about the position and apply.

When we purchased and renovated our property at 112 Medina St. we did so with a clear call to use it for the sake of others, in the heart of Austin, positioned to engage our city. Here are three examples of stewarding our property for the sake of the church and world beyond ourselves:

1] Last week we served our Diocese (all the clergy/parishes under our Bishop) and Deanery (those clergy/parishes of our Diocese which are located in Texas). As Dean, I gathered thirty clergy for a couple of days of community building and formation, with our property hosting many meetings, meals, time with our Bishop, and culminating in an ordination service for six clergy, including our own Sarah Smith who was made a priest. Christ Church, we contribute to the commissioning and growth of Anglican clergy who will, in turn, be agents of the kingdom around the country.

2] We have opened our doors to a central Austin campus of Gateway Church, who lost their meeting place during the shutdown of facilities during the pandemic. With nowhere else to go, we invited them to use our facilities for Saturday evening worship, and just extended their stay for another six months. Christ Church, we want to see the whole bride of Christ thrive in the city of Austin.

3] We support the artists of Christ Church and the art-lovers of Austin by serving as a temporary gallery space for the Austin EAST tour each fall. Several hundred Austinites come into our church to see works of art, lovingly greeted and hosted by you. What an incredible witness and opportunity, as Christians, to demonstrate hospitality, generosity, and our love of beauty.