You Are a Signpost

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

My guess is that you don’t think of yourself as an evangelist. Most people don’t. Evangelists are people who have a God-given gift of being used by him, for the sake of others, in what I’ve heard described as “the most crucial stages of God’s rescue operation.” Whether or not evangelism is one of our spiritual gifts we all have responsibility as disciples to bear witness.

One of the most formative books for me as a young disciple was The Fight by John White, where he gave me a word that I could apply to myself more confidently than “evangelist,” and you can too: signpost. He says “A signpost points to a destination. It matters little whether the signpost is pretty or ugly, old or new. It helps if the lettering is bold and clear. But the essential features are that it must point in the right direction and be clear about what it is pointing to.” Ugly and old, but bold and clear. I think I can do that.

We are in a sermon series learning to live “For the Sake of Others” in four ways: Vocation, Proclamation, Demonstration, and Location. This Sunday we are on Proclamation, where Fr. Matt will first teach from Scripture about our call to be bold and clear signposts, pointing lost people to Jesus. He will then interact with returning guest Herb Bailey. You might remember Herb from when he spoke at one of our outdoor worship services last fall. Herb is one of the few people I know who, by vocation and gifting, is an evangelist. He works with an outreach organization and runs Uncommon Grounds Café, a coffee shop and community outreach center outside of Pittsburgh.


Lastly, today marks twenty years since the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in NYC. There are many tributes and remembrances, opportunities to lament loss, celebrate beauty from ashes, and to inspire us to keep contending for shalom. One place to spend some time in prayerful remembrance is the 9/11 Memorial.

Pointing to Jesus,


P.S. Thinking of someone you want to point to Jesus? Direct them to Alpha with this invitation!

P. S. S. Sarah Smith, who has served as both lay leader, staff pastor, and deacon for the past ten years will be ordained a priest at Christ Church, 7pm Sept. 15. Join us in person, or you can live stream it here.