Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church friends,

As summer concludes it’s time to look ahead. The fall is a natural moment to consider our values and commitments, and make some new starts.

“Who Am I?”: The most important question every human being should ask centers around identity and what it means to be human. This fall we are offering two courses to address this question: (1) The Alpha Course, which discusses foundational questions about the Christian faith, and is ideal for inviting nonbelievers, skeptics, and seekers. It’s also an excellent refresher course on the Christian faith for believers!; (2) The Freedom in Christ Course helps every believer know his or her new identity, position, authority, and freedom in Christ so that all may walk intimately with Jesus as his free and fruitful followers. See the announcements below for details and registration information on these courses!

This Sunday. Our high schoolers (Eikon) had an amazing time spending 3.5 intensive and joy-filled days of discipleship together in Austin. It was called Love Where We Live: Youth, and the Holy Spirit met them and used them beautifully. We get to hear from the youth this Sunday in worship! We will also be taking a moment to thank Sarah and Drew Smith for their ministry among us the past decade and bless them as Sarah becomes the new Associate Rector at Church of the Cross. They will be in a reception area in the courtyard after worship so that you can also say goodbye and thank them.

Next Sunday. It’s time for the Fall Kickoff! On August 29th, after each service, we will celebrate the start of small groups with fun, food, and fellowship in “The Backyard.” If you aren’t already in a small group, now is the time to start! I hope you can join us onsite on the 29th for a fun-filled day. We will also be starting a new sermon series, “For the Sake of Others.”


P.S. You can find our most recent worship protocol update here. And save the date, Oct. 29-31, for our Parish Retreat!