Fuller Formation Cohort

Bill WalkerCliffNotes

Today’s guest post is by Bill Walker, Director of Vocation.

Hello Christ Church!

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “begin with the end in mind.” I first came across it in Stephen R. Covey’s famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Of course, this is not merely a formula for effectiveness; it was also a strategy perfectly practiced and modeled by Jesus himself. Jesus knew his mission, calling, and identity as the Christ, and this informed everything that he did. His oneness with the Father and total devotion to his will totally governed his life (John 5:19-20).

We see as well in the gospels how much Jesus followed a regular rhythm and set of practices that kept him constantly in tune with the Spirit and whatever the Father was doing. These rhythms and practices included prayer, silence, retreat, and forming an intimate community with his disciples (Mark 3:7; Luke 5:16). All of this was necessary to support and sustain his calling and mission to redeem sinners and bring about the reign of God’s Kingdom.

At Christ Church, we aspire to imitate this same pattern in Jesus’s life by pursuing both vocational and spiritual formation — growing in our callings and practices. This Fall, beginning with the first retreat on September 17-18th, there will be another opportunity to participate in a Fuller Formation Cohort. The cohort is designed for the purpose of enabling you, the people of Christ Church, to better understand your calling as a disciple, and to be equipped in that calling by regular rhythms and practices that lead to flourishing.

A more complete description of the cohort is available on the website, which includes the dates of the four retreats and information about how to apply and register.  If you have not yet been through this program, I strongly encourage you to consider joining us this year! Reach out to me with any questions.

Blessings to you all,