Thank You, Bryson!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

Can organizational operations be beautiful? Can the complex, powerful, and sometimes messy world of ministry relationships be compatible with structure and planning? Yes! I know that because I’ve watched Bryson Owen do his job as Director of Operations since he joined our staff five years ago. He came to us with a background in property management, fine arts, and a love for God’s people. We have seen these three qualities (and more) braided together skillfully in Bryson’s work; he does operations like an artist, and with love.

Bryson will be stepping down from his role on staff at the end of July. I am deeply grateful for the wholehearted service he has given to Christ Church. Bryson has not only helped mature our operations, but also loved us well, owned and appropriated our vision and values, and helped us grow through many opportunities and challenges, most notably: (1) overseeing a major remodel of our recently acquired property at 112 Medina St. [2016-2018]; (2) crisis management in the aftermath of Christine’s accident, which took me out of office and leadership for several months [2018]; (3) adaptive and skillful leadership of operations through the total disruption of the pandemic [2020-2021]. These were extraordinary times, but he also skillfully managed the ordinary operations of the church. We will miss him for all these things, to be sure, but also for his personal care and loving relationship among us.

Bryson faithfully stepped into the space of church ministry five years ago but knew at some point he would return to the marketplace. It is our joy to now bless him as he steps into a new opportunity the Lord has opened for him as a Chief Operating Officer for a company in Austin. He and Marisa, and their children Violet and Parker, will continue to worship at Christ Church. He looks forward to worshiping with his family again on Sundays, volunteering in service among us, and taking up a different role in the community.

We will soon be posting the opening for this position. Please email Kristie if you or someone you know might be a good fit for the role.

Thank you, Bryson!