Healing + Prayer

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

We need healing. We needed it before 2020, but now even more so given the fractures, ills, and wounds we’ve sustained the past year. We need healing in body, mind, and soul, our whole lives placed in the restorative presence of God. Christ Church has a long history as a place of healing. I can’t count the number of times that people have told me that they came to Christ Church busted up or beat down and found healing in our midst. And for twenty years we’ve had an active Healing Prayer team that has prayed with people for inner healing, physical healing, and relational healing.

Here are 3 ways to seek and pray for God’s healing power this summer:

1) Healing Service. Join us Friday, July 9th @ 7pm for a night of extended worship and prayer, with prayer teams available all over the sanctuary to anoint you, pray with you, and ask the living God to intervene on your behalf.

2) Healing Prayer on Sundays. We have resumed healing prayer in the sanctuary during Holy Eucharist. This is another opportunity, every week, to seek the transforming presence of God in the company of others. I urge everyone to take advantage of this, no matter how big or small your need.

3)  Prayer Vigil. Join other parishioners in prayer as we gather according to the monastic hours, over a 24 hour period. The vigil begins with Compline late Friday evening, July 9th, and concludes with Compline late Saturday evening, July 10th. We will unite our voices to “watch and pray” for our King to bring healing to the nations, to our land and streets, to our relationships and souls. God alone makes all things new.

Come, Holy Spirit, and make us holy and whole through your healing power!

Peace, Cliff+

P.S.  A quick reminder . . . onsite Kids Quest starts up again this Sunday (9am only).