Important Sunday Updates

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

We are excited to return to two services this Sunday! We also have several other important updates on how our experience will be different at worship. Please take a moment to read closely.

Masks. In light of the CDC’s announcement regarding masks last week, and Austin improving to Stage 2 this week, we are making masks optional at church, beginning this Sunday. There are very good reasons that some people, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, will choose to continue wearing a mask; others will not. We will demonstrate, as always, a culture of honor and graciousness.

Communion. Beginning this Sunday, we will change from serving Communion in a single file line to lining up alongside each other, as before the pandemic. However, three precautions will remain in place: the wine will be served in individual cups and chalice bearers will be masked while serving the wine; while groups of friends or families may stand shoulder to shoulder, we are asking that the courtesy of some distance be maintained between parties that aren’t coming forward together. Lastly, Fr. Matt and I have both been vaccinated and will not be masked as we serve you the bread; it gives us both great joy to now anticipate sharing in this Eucharistic moment face to face.

Staying home for the live stream, worshipping in the courtyard, and masking indoors are still options available to accommodate various levels of precaution. The courtyard is likewise available for those who want to let their kids roam or otherwise just enjoy the outdoors!

Offering. We will resume taking up an offering on May 30th. The digital offering method remains as simple as ever! If you give digitally, you can pick up a wood coin before the service to place in the basket as a concrete and sacramental representation of your offering to our Lord. You may also bring checks and cash, if that was your previous habit. Cash and coins remain an especially powerful way for children to learn the joy of generosity as they save and bring their portion.

Lastly, thank you for sharing with us images of your Eastertide joy! We have assembled them here in a collage to make you smile. This Sunday the church calendar flips the page to Pentecost, also known as Ordinary Time, focusing our attention on life in the Spirit.