Hodgepodge Friday

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church, 

Several months ago, one of our parishioners, UT grad student Clara Duffy, began an internship in El Paso as part of her field placement for her Masters of Social Work. The internship was joint placement at Ciudad Nueva, a community development non-profit I founded while living in El Paso eighteen years ago, and Abara, a sister organization. As the internship concluded, she wrote an account of her experience loving the “stranger” through a ministry of accompaniment. This is a picture of the mustard seed kingdom of God, whereby faint whispers of practical love on earth resound in the heavenlies as a magnificent song of God’s redemption. Clara Duffy will return later this summer to work full-time with these organizations!

This Sunday we have both youth and adult confirmations! Bishop Zimmerman, who did confirmations with us in 2019, has served in the southwestern U.S. and graciously assists in our diocese. This Sunday he will lay hands on those being confirmed or received, and invite the Holy Spirit to come afresh upon each person. You will also have, during the service, an opportunity to listen for any word, image, or blessing from the Lord you might receive on their behalf. 

We have recently announced the exciting news of going to two services May 23rd, without registrations or check-ins, the restart of Kids Quest at the 9am service on June 6th, and the nursery later this summer. We have not yet rolled back our mask-wearing protocol for Sunday worship. However, with the CDC’s May 13th announcement relaxing requirements, we will revisit this policy. At the time of this writing, our leadership team has not had an opportunity to discuss the implications of this very recent decision, but we will update you as soon as possible. I feel such a sense of relief and joy as the tide is turning in these months, and delight in every new step toward embodied presence!

 Peace, Cliff+

 P.S. If you have not yet indicated your interest in serving, as we rebuild our Sunday worship norms, please consider doing so here. Ministry alongside others is a powerful way to step into community and blessing among God’s people!