Remembering Mothers

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, carrying extra freight this year as my siblings and I arrange for a new stage of Mom’s care. She has advanced Alzheimer’s, unable to recognize us or even remember in the moments after “goodbye” that we’ve just talked. It’s been a long slow decline, many years in the making, so we’ve grown accustomed to the forgetting.

This Mother’s Day I remember her. I remember her going to work, a teacher of the deaf, as a single mother to pay the bills. I remember her reading to me, making a reader out of me, and having a custom trophy made for me as a child when I read my first 100 books. I remember her gathering us siblings and forcing us to learn how to talk about hard things and resolve conflict with each other. I remember picking her up at the Amtrak station behind the downtown YMCA here in Austin, where I took this photo of her. I remember the delightful childlikeness she always had, now more pronounced in these declining years.

Dear mothers of Christ Church, you are not forgotten. We look back at the past year and remember all that you have done to love your children, to teach them, lead them, feed them, and shepherd their hearts. It has been one #%*! of a year for parents, moms especially. We say “thank you” for your tenacious love and for all the thankless moments. We see you; we honor you; we love you. Most importantly, God does.

An invitation to all, mothers included: Follow this link to join me in intercession and thanksgiving for the “moms” in our life, with these prayers written by our Director of Children’s Ministry, Terrice Tinsley.



P.S. We’re in a major rebuild of our Sunday worship norms. Will you join us by serving in rotation with others on a volunteer team? Come! Let us know here.