Good News!

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

We have really good news for the weeks ahead, good news that will require “all hands on deck” to realize. Think of today’s CliffNotes like a family meeting where we discuss an exciting road trip ahead and then discuss what each of us will do to make it happen.

One of our strengths as a parish is community. We celebrate, serve, laugh, worship, and grow together. We also comfort each other, accompany each other through pain, enter each other’s lives, and pray for each other. We love and long to be together, and we’ve struggled together through the past year of diminished “presence.”

I have good news about our next stage of regathering, a big step closer to our familiar ways of being together!

  1. We are returning to two services, 9am and 11am, live streaming the 11am, beginning May 23rd.
  2. We are eliminating both pre-registration and check-ins upon arrival for Sunday morning worship.
  3. We are gradually re-introducing onsite Kids Quest. Beginning June 6th we’ll have Kids Quest at the 9am service only.
  4. We will open the nursery beginning July 4th.
  5. We anticipate having both nursery and Kids Quest running at both services by the end of summer.

Did you know that a standard two-service morning of Eucharistic worship, with nursery and Kids Quest, requires almost one hundred volunteers every week? Some of you still aren’t able to return to full participation in embodied church life, others have been ready for a while. The phased approach described above is not primarily due to safety concerns (most of them could be accomplished sooner if we could wave a wand). This timeline mostly represents what it takes to recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers, and hire/train caregivers for the nursery.

Serving one another is an essential aspect of life together in Christian community. I want to invite you back to greater embodied worship and discipleship; I also want to invite you to join us in service. Service is not only a blessing to others, but often to ourselves (it is in giving that we receive). We want your service at Christ Church to be something that blesses you, is sustainable, robust, and can even be fun! In order to do this, we need enough volunteers that there is a healthy rotation.

Show of hands, family: are you ready to explore the part you might play in this plan? You can let us know right here.


In joyful anticipation,