Come and Feast

Eunice ChungCliffNotes

Today’s guest post is by Eunice Chung, Communications Manager.

Dear Christ Church,

This morning I found myself marveling at the lush green bursting out of the tree branches in my backyard. It was only eight weeks ago when the winter storm cut through the city with a harsh and bitter cold, leaving these very trees hardened, barren, and lifeless. But today, the leaves are bursting forth in joyous laughter, song, and dance—their fidelity to life totally uncompromised and so pure. I couldn’t help but to touch the leaves, perhaps as a way to connect with the hope for resurrection in the various corners of my own heart.

Maybe this Eastertide you are finding it difficult to receive the invitation of joy and feasting. After all, the human experience is laden with the impoverishment of our own souls as well as others’. We all carry a mixed bag of suffering and joy. Sometimes the journey to get to holy feasting seems so far.

While there are many reasons for the impoverishment we experience, one key cause comes from the breaking of the temporal from the eternal; the earthly from the divine. Feasting is not the repression of suffering or an excuse for the voluntary amnesia of our pain. Holy feasting is a sign of heaven and earth colliding, enlivening our ability to rejoice in the Lord: for the goodness and beauty of creation, for the smaller resurrections in our own lives, and for the promise of the ultimate shalom and glory we will one day inhabit.

Eastertide is like the trees springing forth with festivity, in its own way a doxology. I want to feast in community because I need to remember that Christ has bridged the earthly and the divine in his Resurrection!

Join us in two ways to step into the Eastertide festivity: 1) come to the backyard party next Friday, 4/23 and 2) share photos of your Eastertide moments for a big Christ Church collage! More information below.



But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever. — Psalm 52:8