Worship Around the City

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes

Dear Christ Church,

I’m excited about this Sunday’s worship together, but first… if you missed last week’s service and the offering of our pledges, you can hear Senior Warden John Nehme here and make your pledge here!

This Sunday we will meet for outdoor worship in five different city parks. One year ago, with the onset of the pandemic, we were forced to get creative with worship. There was a vitality and raw power about our time together, and a solidarity with our brothers and sisters in many parts of the world who are forced by persecution to worship in nontraditional ways. We are eager to do it again this Sunday. I hope you’ll join us for this opportunity to engage in fellowship, worship, and witness that is smaller, more local, and more public.

When: 10am Sunday, March 21, 2020

Where: In a park near you. We have divided the city into 5 areas. Join others from your area in the location nearest you.

What: Morning Prayer with Communion. 

  • Approximately 45 minutes, led by clergy, lay leaders, and musicians at each site.
  • Bring a friend!
  • If desired, bring a lawn chair, umbrella, water, or any other items you might want.
  • Wear a mask.
  •  Be prepared to warmly invite/welcome strangers, if the opportunity arises.

Please Note: We will still live stream our normal worship service at 10am for everyone unable to attend park worship.

In times of tragedy such as the Atlanta shooting this week, we remember that Jesus has overcome the world. We join those grieving by offering prayer #43 from the Book of Common Prayer:

“Almighty God, you created us in your own image: Grant us grace to contend fearlessly against evil and to make no peace with oppression; and help us to use our freedom rightly in the establishment of justice in our communities and among the nations, to the glory of your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.”

Peace, Cliff+