A Different Kingdom


Dear Christ Church Friends,

We belong to a different kingdom. Almost every Sunday, we preach and pray this truth. Leaders will come and go. God’s vision for the world is the same, and so are the ways, the means, to achieve that vision. God’s people are called to live out that vision in humility and sacrifice, prophetically, with servanthood and love.

I invite everyone to read two excellent communications from our bishop, +Todd Hunter; the first is on Christian Nationalism that is currently relevant, and the second is an article he wrote yesterday specifically addressing recent events. I commend them wholeheartedly as they articulate what I believe is critical for reflection and repentance as the church. We are deeply grateful for the spiritual wisdom and authority of our Bishop, the church catholic, and the unity within our diocesan Anglican family.

We are voting for our new Vestry today and tomorrow. In case you missed it, here are the bios of the three candidates. You can now vote HERE. All who have made Christ Church Austin their home may vote, both formal members and those who are otherwise committed to Christ Church as your church family. This link will be active through 11:59pm Sunday, January 17th. We are deeply grateful for a legacy of healthy parish leadership.

Come ALL! Outdoor worship tomorrow with a special guest speaker: Rev. Capt. Herb Bailey. Herb+ is a friend and fellow clergy who is a part of mending some of the most broken places in our world in prisons, the opioid corridor, among those battling for recovery and the homeless. He serves on the leadership team of the ACNA’s Matthew 25 Initiative as well as our provincial Executive Committee (the “Vestry” for our denomination) and is a senior officer with Church Army USA. You can read his bio here; watch this 10min filled-with-hope video about CAUSA.

This Monday we honor Martin Luther King Jr., who lived the biblical vision of speaking prophetic truth and calling us to the ways and means of the Jesus-cruciform kingdom. Deacon Eric Stumberg reminded us last fall, during a message on “Justice and Mercy,” of MLK’s observation that Sunday worship is the most segregated hour in America. I urge you to take a moment on Monday to listen to this powerful sermon by Chicago Pastor Charlie Dates at the Gospel Coalition’s MLK50 Conference, reflecting on the 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination.

Finally, as the Rector of Christ Church Austin, I ask you to lay aside all other reflection as a distant second to the gaze of Jesus Christ and God’s Word. Choose humility, forgiveness, “removing the log” first, service, hope, and radical love; set aside fear, anger, anxiety, confusion, loss of control, judgment. Jesus reigns.