5pm Feast of St. Nicholas

Rev. Cliff WarnerCliffNotes, Communications, Coronavirus

Dear Christ Church,

Among the 300 bishops who in 325 A.D. came from all over the Christian world to debate the Trinity was Nicholas of Myra, in modern-day Turkey. They were gathered in Nicaea to hammer out whether or not the Son Jesus and God the Father were equally divine. The leading voice to deny this conviction was a man named Arian whose heretical views were so unyielding and exasperating that Nicholas, in one of his less jolly moments, slapped Arian across the face! As the story goes, the Emperor Constantine temporarily imprisoned him for this, before Nicholas was released back to his ministry as a bishop of the church.

Yes, you guessed it . . . this is St. Nicholas, a far cry from the soft dispenser of gifts who shows up in malls across America every December. Nicholas is one of the great saints of the church, with a compelling and convicting story of gospel faithfulness and radical generosity to those in need. The annual Feast of St. Nicholas is December 6th, which this year falls on a Sunday!

Feast of St. Nicholas + After-Party. Join us this Sunday evening for a family-friendly outdoor 5pm worship service with Holy Communion, celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas, followed by an “after-party.” There will be fun and a few surprises for the kids (and adults) and a very talented jazz band after the service. We hope you’ll hang around for a while for the fellowship, and don’t forget to bring your own chair. Lastly, no registration is required but we will still (1) ask that you only come if you’ve had no recent symptoms or exposure; (2) wear a mask and keep socially distanced; and (3) have your temperature checked upon arrival.

See you Sunday!

Peace, Cliff